Violinist/Composer/Educator, Jordan

O-1B Performing Artist Visa, May 2017

My name is Layth Al-Rubaye, and I'm a violinist, composer and educator from Amman/Jordan and the current director of the Arab Music Ensemble at Tufts University. I've been living in the United States for almost eight years, most of it was to complete my bachelor and master studies at Berklee College of Music, but soon after my graduation, I approached Global Mobility Access to start working on my O-1 (Artist Visa) application. I heard about GMA from my teacher Simon Shaheen who assured me that I would not be let down, and he couldn't have been more right. Working with GMA, specifically Fakhiza Feddal was the best experience I ever had working with someone taking care of my legal applications. All the information was presented to me in a clear fashion, there was never a delay in the process and I was assured - before starting my application - that my visa would be a success. And so it was, soon after we submitted my papers, I got my approval notice and could continue living and working in the United States. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal help in applying for visas, I assure you that you will have a great experience and you will not be disappointed.

Layth Al-Rubaye


Photographer/Filmmaker, Bulgaria

EB-1 Green Card, January 2017

I've been with Fakhiza and Global Mobility Access LLC for two years now. I'm a freelance photographer and my husband is a jazz musician. We have two girls and we definitely are not an easy case. We're not the most organized people and it's been so difficult for all four of us to have proper visas. Fakhiza and Mr. Ramos have been so patient with us, so flexible with our "art" budget and helped us so professional to get to the point where we just obtained our green cards. I consider ourselves absolutely lucky to find them in this enormous city and to count on them without any doubts they'll get us to our goals. The whole process from Artists visas to the green cards was definitely very difficult for all of us but with them on our side it happened as magic! Thank you all guys!


Extremely grateful, Yours,


Blaga Ditrow, Lush Life Photography

Architectural Designer, South Korea

EB-1 Green Card, December 2016

I got my green card with Global Mobility Access and without them, it would have been a lonely journey. Unlike any other lawyers I dealt with previously, they are compassionate people who will cry and laugh with you until you earn what you wish for. It was not an easy process but if you need any guidance, they are willing to source for the client. I feel so lucky that I met such a great team whose mission is to really help me to get my green card. I highly recommend Global Mobility Access and will definitely recommend them to my friends or family!

Ellee Lee, Award Winning Architectural Designer



BurritoBoards Creative, New York, NY

O-1B Artist Visa, September 2016


I am very lucky to have worked with Global Mobility Access.

An experience that is known to be grueling and stressful was actually easy and exciting. 

Communication was clear, progress was efficient and results successful. 

I highly recommend Global Mobility Access.

Tricia Mancuso Parks, Founder & President BurritoBoards Creative



Actress/Theater Producer, Brazil

O-1B Artist Visa, May 2016

To start the process of a visa application is not an easy decision for several reasons. It is important for the person to make sure of this big step since you are talking about a long term future, also, is important to know and comprehend that this process takes time and demands attention, dedication and patience, and perhaps most importantly, is to be surrounded by professionals who guide you well in this way. Global Mobility not only pointed me in the right direction, but was also the centerpiece throughout my process. I have been in constant contact with their lawyers, asking questions, developing strategies, analyzing material and thinking step by step. I received a great support from the whole team and our relationship was beyond only gathering documentation and sending it to the correct institutions. The human factor in this process was very important for me so I could feel safe from the beginning to the end. I greatly appreciate this responsible and competent team for the positive results in my process. Thank you, Global Mobility!

Giovanna Almeida 



Family-based Petition, Colombia

I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence, October 2015


I am very satisfied by the representation of Global Mobility Access. When I came to their office my case had been pending for over 2 years and I was desperate to get my green card to travel to my country for medical treatment. They were very professional and I liked the way they fought for me. In less than 11 months my green card was approved! I definitely recommend them to anyone who has an immigration issue, I liked the way they fight for us immigrants.


Thank you very much for the hard work!


Claribel Cruz



Performing Artist/Musician, Israel

EB-1 Green Card, June 2015


It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for the services I recently received from Global Mobility Access. I have been working with their team on and off in the last nine months, and I could say without a doubt that thanks to their dedicated work and professionalism I now hold my permanent resident card. I have worked with immigration lawyers in the past but it has never been as good of an experience as this one was. Every email was responded promptly, every phone call was answered, and no questions were left unanswered.


The best part about working with Global Mobility Access for me was the feeling of being a part of a team, which is targeted to get the goal. They took my suggestions seriously and every comment or suggestion I received from them was on point. It was clear to me right from the start that they were taking my case seriously and that they are willing to work hard to achieve the wanted outcome. I was included in every step of the process, a fact that made me know that my case is in the right hands.


What really stood out from past experiences for me was the personal treatment I received. I really felt that they were treating my case as if it was their own. They made sure that every detail was right before they prepared and submitted a perfect portfolio. The outcome was of course the one I was looking for, and my process went smoothly, without unnecessary delays or requests for evidence. Therefore, I would recommend working with Global Mobility Access to anyone I know who needs these types of services, since my experience was a great and positive one.




Ronen Itzik, Internationally Acclaimed Musician



Visual Artist/Graphic Designer/Architect, United Kingdom

O-1B Artist Visa, March 2015


My heartfelt thanks to  Global Mobility Access and their team!

I first approached them with no clue as to how USA visa system worked. From the second I met them, I felt easy and comfortable with their warm and welcoming personalities. Once they did their own research and informed me I was eligible for an O visa (for individuals with Extra Ordinary Abilties), the process went full steam ahead. They worked diligently and didn't give me any reason to doubt the outcome of my visa.


Even though I wasn't in USA, they communicated with me on an almost daily basis to keep me updated on the process. Upon the success of my O visa, and my return to NYC, I was greeted with such love and welcomeness from them! Its refreshing to work with lawyers who genuinely care about the individual and their success. I highly recommend everybody to reach out to them. They are kind, hardworking and make sure every detail and paperwork is in check. 

Looking forward to working with this amazing team in the future!


All the best and sincerely,


Naveen Shakil



Opera Singer, Italy 

Family Green Card, February 2015


I can not say enough good things about this Company. They helped me to get my Green Card with the kind of perfect support and assistance that I could ever imagine. Always there to answer my questions, I felt totally helped and secure, without any problem. Everything went totally smooth and they were punctual and on time to go on with all the documents. I got the Green Card in the amount of time they thought, and without them I would have never made it.




Stefano di Peppo


Big Joe & Sons Tattoo, Norwalk, CT

O-1B Artist Visa, December 2014


I recently used the services of Global Mobility  Access and the experience was 1st Class. They where incredibly informed, professional and above all listened and followed through on every detail. I would fully recommend them for all your immigration needs and look forward to using them in the future.


Donal Cranny



Tattoo Artist, Israel

O-1B Artist Visa, November 2014


When I first met Global Mobility Access team members, they gave me the best visa option as an artist of extraordinary ability (O visa). They guided me through the entire process and until my O visa was approved in less than two weeks. They were very meticulous and made sure that I provided proper documentation. After my petition was approved, I needed to return to my home country and go though Consular processing. I faced other challenges but they acted very quickly and in a professional manner. They communicated with the right people until I finally got my visa and returned to the US where I am currently working as a Tattoo Artist. I highly recommend this amazing team, you will not be disappointed. And plus they are super awesome and very friendly. I will definitely work with them again in the future!


Michael Litovkin, Award Winning Artist